SQL Accounting Sync

Reduce Workload, Reduce Mistake, Save Labor Cost

In Malaysia, all business owner (including online business) is required to submit income tax return if their revenue achieve certain target. Ever since GST has been implemented on 1st of April 2015, GST tax return needs to submit on time. Yet the data in the accounting report must be precise.

Online business owners are facing one challenge nowadays – either those merchants outsource to someone or they do it themselves, their online transaction details must be entered into accounting system to serve tax filing purpose.

SQL Accounting Sync is created to tackle this challenge…


SQL Accounting Sync

Are You Still Worrying on Below Problems?

  •  Lack of manpower for data entry of your online store transaction into accounting software.
  •  Too much human errors while entering the order details manually into accounting software.
  •  Your sales performance has been affected as you have consume too much time in recording transaction details manually into accounting software.
  •  Unable to meet the deadline of tax submission as keying in all order details into accounting software is really too overwhelming.

7 Reasons Why You Need SQL Accounting Sync

  •  Reduced Workload from entering online transaction details into SQL Accounting. Now you’ve more time to focus on your business & marketing activities.
  •  Save your cost in hiring someone to enter order details into accounting software. From now on, you may allocate more budget in your marketing campaign.
  •  Record Keeping (GST Act 2014, Sec 36 Duty to keep records)
  •  Better Taxation Management – Now you have no problem in submitting income tax / GST on time, more accurate and less likely to make errors for tax reporting purposes (GST Act 2014, Sec 88 Penalty for incorrect return)
  •  Multichannel Control – If you are using SiteGiant’s Marketplace Sync, order details from various Marketplace can be synced back to SiteGiant’s Store and eventually, order details will synced again into SQL Accounting software.
  •  Inventory Management – Your inventory in SQL Accounting software will updated when online transaction details sync over. This will ensure your offline stock running parallelly with online business.
  •  Leveraging on SQL Accounting Reporting System – By syncing online transaction details over to SQL Accounting, you can combine transaction from online and offline and generate a more accurate report, helping you make the right decision in your business, such as product sourcing.

I admire SiteGiant new system it’s always
easy to learn and their support team is being…

I admire SiteGiant new system it’s always easy to learn and their support team is being very helpful. The latest SQL accounting sync allow me to easily sync all the invoices to my SQL Accounting and finally I would say my nightmare of manually recording the sales order is over!

The sync is easy where i have to do a few clicks and all orders will turn into invoice in my SQL Accounting system. Looking forward for future updates of SQL Sync and other SiteGiant new system!



The Hidden reason your
employees leave…

staff” I never like my boss, he is that type of person that taking everything for granted, and never appreciating someone’s hard work. Ever since GST implementation, my initially heavy workload has become worse. I’ve to Manually key in every single transaction details in Online Store into our accounting system for tax submission. We were given orders by him that each of the transaction details must be 100% accurately keyed in into the system, there’s no room for mistakes… “


” The process is tedious, boring and a complete disaster, when it was counter checked by accountant, we found out there was a lot of human mistakes when keyed in Manually. My boss blaming me for being careless and asking me to double check again all the details that I’ve keyed in start from the very beginning… Is he crazy? I am just a human being! Surely there’ll be a mistake when key in Manually… “


” Recently I had to stay back until 10pm almost everyday and I’ve sacrifice lot’s of my family time. To be frank, I’m getting tired about this situation, I wonder whether I should quit this job… “


” 2 of my colleagues who are working in the same position were always complained to each other, I know they are planning to resign soon. If three of us left, All these SHIT things will be left to my Boss. But whenever I thought about how he is going to handle this situation alone, I started to feel pity for him… “


* Very loosely based on true story.

Who Need SQL Accounting Sync?

  •  Anyone who don’t have budget to hire an admin clerk for data entry – Entering online’s order details into accounting software.
  •  Anyone who don’t have time or feeling lazy to enter the online’s transaction details into accounting system manually.
  •  Anyone who think his/her time is valuable, and should spend more on driving more sales, rather than tedious data entry job.
  •  Anyone who getting frustrated on too much mistakes has been encountered when this data entry task is done manually by themselves or their employee.
  •  Anyone who afraid of getting compound due to late tax submission because unable to key in all order details into accounting system on time.
  •  Anyone who afraid of getting compound due to negligence in bookkeeping, as order details has been key in wrongly into accounting system.

Imagine the Following Scenario

You are getting around 20 orders per day in your online business. ( Very conservative performance. )

You spend around 3 -5 minutes averagely to enter the online transaction details into SQL Accounting. 20 orders x 3 minutes = 1 hour per day spending on data entry. This work doesn’t yield any income to you.

You spend around 30 hours per month. If you spend 9 hours in working per day, then you are spending 3 days in a month just for data entry.

If your average income per month is RM4000, then divided by 30 days (assuming you are working in weekend as well), your daily wages is RM133. You are spending RM399 on data entry each month. (RM133 x 3 days)

Still you have to bear the risk of entering the details wrongly

Now with only RM49.58/month, you can sync your order details from online store to SQL Accounting easily, it will saving 90% of your time that you spend on data entry.

SQL Accounting Sync Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

Why SQL Accounting Software?

When it comes to Accounting Software, SQL Accounting is no doubt one of the best in the market, notable with is powerful and customizable features, backing by exceptional technical support. It is one of the essential solution to any serious business owner.

Do I need to own a SiteGiant’s online store in order to use SQL Accounting Sync?

Absolutely. Not yet? Join SiteGiant Now

Do I need to own SQL Accounting Software in order to use SQL Accounting Sync?

Yes, SQL Accounting Sync is working only when you have SQL Accounting software and SiteGiant’s store in place.

If you’d like to know more or get a copy of SQL Accounting Software, please contact Chris at 019 – 225 5165 or email christopher@sql.com.my.

I still have some questions. Who should I contact?

Please contact 012-7190122 or email sales@sitegiant.my