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The Essential Ecommerce Platform to


A Successful Online Business

We know that building a successful ecommerce business is not simple, and that’s why we are providing all the awesome tools you need to do so. Whether it’s desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, SiteGiant allows you to engage with your customers for superior buying experiences.


Domain Email

Get a professional look by having your own e-mail, showing your customers that you are here to stay.

brand_domain name

Store Domain Name

A unique domain name for your brand, increase credibility and conversion rate.


Mobile-friendly Webstore

With more than 60% of people who purchase goods from phone, there’s no reason why you don’t need a Mobile-friendly webstore.

Impress Your Customers with a Beautiful Storefront

Simply choose an e-commerce template to get started.

More Templates
template combine 1
template combine 2

Drag and Drop Layout Manager

Bringing User-friendliness to the Next Level!

drag and drop_time saving

Time Saving

Instead of coding webstore design for hours, layout adjustment can be done within minutes with our layout manager.

drag and drop_easy to use

Easy to Use and Flexible

Discover how easy it is to design your webstore in any way you want. Create your very own unique storefront.

stronger content

No IT knowledge Required

The secret to ecommerce is that you don’t need IT knowledge to sell online. This is built specially for non-technical merchants.

Providing Simple and Safe Payment Solution

Why not offer your customers a secure and simple way to purchase your products? We support a lot of major and popular online payment gateways such as Paypal, eGHL, Ipay88, MOLPay and many more. We also support credit cards and internet banking transactions such as Maybank2U, CIMB Clicks, PBe Bank and more.

payment gateway 1.1
payment gateway 2.1
payment gateway 3
Comparison on Malaysia Online Payment Gateways

Convenient Checkout Process for you Customers

Your customers can just checkout their purchases within a few clicks.
No more long winded checkout process and annoying procedures.

Detail Analytics and Reports

Our robust analytic and reporting system allows you to keep track on your sales and products easily.

sales Review Sales

Review analytics about your orders, tax and many more. Get to know the ones that are performing and the ones that are not.

visitor interaction Customers Data

How to execute your marketing strategies effectively? Check out who’s your loyal customers and their preferences for you to do so.

 Product Tracking

Products analytics allows you to find out which products are popular among your customers and which are not, great way to understand your  product trend.

 Optimize Affiliates

Many brands are now using affiliates to increase publicity and outreach, and so should you. Analyze your affiliates performance from here and improve your business development strategy.

Marketing Tools that helps you to Increase your Sales

Providing you tools to boost your sales and drive traffic to your webstore.

Gift Voucher

Your customers can purchase gift vouchers (e.g. RM100) and give it to a friend as a gift. Another great tool to promote your store and products.

Coupon Setup

Create coupons easily based on specific categories or products, configured in fixed or percentage amount, free shipping, campaign dates and duration.


Pay commissions to your affiliates for the sales they refer to your store. Affiliates can make money while your store gets more traffic and sales.

Store Credit

Refund to your customers via store credit instead of cash for better customer retention. This way they will certainly come back and shop again!

 Reward Point

Reward your customers with points for buying your products and allow redemption for the next purchase. This encourages repeat purchases.

Newsletter Marketing

The marketing secret to retarget your webstore visitors, with newsletter marketing you can thank them on their first purchase, send order notification and more!

Platform Built with SEO in Mind

SiteGiant UniCart eCommerce system is built while keeping SEO in mind. It is optimized and updated by experts to ensure that your system structure is SEO friendly, giving you higher search ranking compared to other sites.

FREE Hands-on Training with limited seats, MUST ATTEND

2000+ Merchants Are Already On Board

Have a chat with our friendly Ecommerce Consultants now

FREE Tips and Samples Are Available

Malaysia’s Successful Online Sellers Are Using SiteGiant

Our customers are selling averagely over RM10,000 every month, some top sellers sell over RM500K per month

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