Allow Your Customer to
Self-Collect At 500+ Collectco Point Nationwide

Loved By Online Shoppers. Convenient And Hassle Free

Plugin is now Available in

  •  Collectco Plugin allows your buyers to choose their preferable parcel pick up point when making online purchase in your website.
  •  Customer’s order details will automatically synced to Collectco account.

How does Collectco help you?

Collectco gives online shoppers greater choice and freedom to collect their parcel and improves first time delivery rates. Happier customers lead to more repeat sales. 40% of online shoppers are even willing to pay extra to collect their parcels at a convenient location.

Reasons why shoppers prefer to collect their parcels:

  1. May not be at home.
  2. May not want the goods to be delivered to their working place.
  3. Can collect their parcels on the move (shopping, going to cafe, etc)!

Shopper Benefits from Collectco

  •  Freedom to collect parcel within 7 days.
  •  No more traveling to post offices and long queues
  •  No more waiting in for delivery
  •  Open 7 days a week, early till late

How It Works?

1. Customer selects a Collectco local store when checkout.

2. Customer orders will be synced to your Collectco account’s dashboard. Process the orders in your Collectco account, print and attach the consignment notes on the parcels. The tracking codes will be
updated in Sitegiant.

3. Seller checks in the parcels at any local store. Collectco will deliver the parcel to the self-collect location. (Free order pickup can be separately requested for big order volume).

4. Customer will receive SMS with a verification code when the parcel arrives at the chosen store. Customer drops by the store with the verification code to collect the parcel.

Drop Off / Collection Points

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